D. Scott Skaggs, DC

Dr. Scott Skaggs is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He was first introduced to NAET and Chiropractic as a child. Throughout his life he suffered with asthma and severe food and environmental allergies. After years of “traditional” treatment he gradually became sicker and sicker and was eventually hospitalized.

Finally he visited a Chiropractor who tested him and treated him for over 300 different allergies. These treatments changed his life and he has remained free from allergies since.

Dr. Skaggs’ desire in becoming a Chiropractor was to help as many people as possible and make positive changes in their lives. He finds great satisfaction in helping people with their health problems and hopes that he can have the same effect in the lives of others as his Chiropractic had in his life.

After experiencing NAET treatments first hand, Dr. Skaggs is pleased to be able to offer this powerful allergy treatment to you, his patients.